Papped Art | Art: Quilling is a meticulous art 
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Art: Quilling is a meticulous art 

Art: Quilling is a meticulous art 

Quilling is a meticulous art that uses paper strips, satin ribbons or other materials to create designs . The material is rolled, shaped and glued, creating decorative compositions . The quilling that uses paper is also called paper filigree .

Its history is ancient : it was created by the Chinese and Japanese and taken to Europe during the Renaissance period. During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries it was widely used in religious decorations , as well as in coats of arms and panels. The Cistina Chapel, in the Vatican, has panels made with quilling. 

Where Can It Be Used?

Quilling can be widely used in the decoration of objects such as cards and boxes , but can also be the inspiration for interior decoration and parties . Check out:

  • decoration of invitations and thank you cards and congratulations;
  • scrapbooking pages
  • boxes
  • frames
  • Christmas decoration
  • wall / panel decoration
  • general decoration
What Materials Are Used?

To work the art of quilling you will essentially need:

  • Strips of paper in various colors, preferably paper from 80g to 120g, cut into strips 3 to 5 mm wide. The paper must be dyed in its mass, that is, when torn the inner color is the same as the outer one;
  • Quilling tool
  • Glue for paper or white glue
  • Stick, to apply the glue
  • Scissor and / or stylus
How to make?

The paper is rolled with the help of the quilling tool in basic shapes, from which many others can be shaped. There are several tutorials on the internet that teach you how to start and create some forms. 

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